Thursday, 26 May 2016

L'Austral & Le Boreal in Mallaig and Skye.

I was slightly confused, thinking that the Ponant explorer ship anchored off Skye was L'Austral and had sneaked in from a different direction. Then another appeared over the horizon from the direction I'd originally expected. It turns out that Le Boreal had sailed down from Kyle of Lochalsh to visit Armadale.

Was this a historic moment that I was observing? Was this the first time the 2 sister-ships had met since Le Boreal returned to cruising? was this her first cruise since repair?

L'Austral arrives
L'Austral arrives DSCF7850

L'Austral arrives DSCF7883

and both ships visible, L'Austral with Le Boreal just visible.
Sister ships DSCF7886

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