Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Funny start to the year.

It has definitely been a funny start to 2015.

We've had very few outings (apart from the March/April cruise) and haven't had anything very exciting to write about at home either.

All changed this week !

Knowing CMV's Astor was visiting Tobermory,  we considered a visit to take some photos of the ship in CMV's colours.    Having had lovely warm sunshine the previous week,  the forecast for Monday was a return to winter.   I kept changing our minds (yes, these words are the correct tense)  and when we woke up on Monday morning it was cold but clear.

A drive to Kilchoan,  we caught the Calmac ferry to Tobermory as foot passengers.  It got more and more cold,  it was raining.

Astor was being repositioned as we sailed past and the 85 year old Nahlin was also at anchor.

Astor bow

Nahlin 1/6

Lord of the Glens was at the pier
Lord of the Glens in Tobermory

The weather won,   after getting thoroughly soaked and cold,  we got an early ferry back to Kilchoan,  picked up the car and drove home.

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