Friday, 10 October 2014

Raining in Ålesund

The seas calmed as we neared Ålesund and we were met by the pilot before docking at the cruise quay.   This new quay was still being built when we last visited and the passengers walk into town using the underpass,  a much easier route.

The buffet is open today because the weather is so much better and we ate lunch before going ashore.   I keep referring to the number of people who have connections both in Norway and in Scotland.   Today we made a new friend,  in the tourist information centre,  who spends part of each year in NE Scotland.

There were 2 ship's excursions;  Giske & Godøy and Ålesund & surroundings while other passengers decided to just walk around independently.  Ålesund is known for being 'art nouveau' and,  if you've not visited before,  it's well worth booking a ship's excursion as an introduction.   One of our favourite places to visit is the aquarium but this isn't often offered.

Photo:  our arrival in port with the typical Ålesund light greeting us.  Taken from the forward deck on MV Funchal.


Oddhild_B said...

Nice to meet you! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Norway, and perhaps we'll meet in Scotland next?

Oddhild_B said...

Thanks for visiting the touristinformation! Hope Your Journey went well!

Totally Scotland said...

Nice to meet you too, please let us know when you're next in Scotland