Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Heading north

We rounded off yesterday evening with a hot chocolate in Boudicca's Lido

Lounge. A hot chocolate that is described as luxury, an

understatement, it should be described as decadent!

This morning, we woke to find ourselves amid the islands that dot the

north coast of Trondelag, cruising steadily, almost serenely, towards

our Arctic destination of Tromsø.

We sailed on, past Torghatten, the unique mountain that has a hole

through it. Eventually we reached the Arctic Circle and Boudicca

circled the monument to allow passengers to view it and take photographs.

All passengers could see the monument but many passengers failed to see

the white tailed sea eagles on a nearby rocky islet.

Darkness has set in and we have just finished an Indian themed dinner,

accompanied by the elephant ice carving. Boudicca sails silently into

the night.

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