Saturday, 16 February 2013

Aurora and friends?

We had a really good evening yesterday when we joined Havcruise for

dinner as we sailed in search of the Northern Lights. This was

pre-booked from home and the weather could not have been better- calm,

dry, cold and clear skies.

Sailing under the Tromsø bridge, we headed out into the dark night as

we ate. A nice friendly group from different parts of the world, most

were staying in Tromsø hotels. (one sleepy toddler, whose plane had

been delayed, just wanted to 'go home to England')

The northern lights appeared, faintly at first and then became brighter

and started dancing. Photographs? sorry, I just enjoyed watching the

display (the camera will come out if/when we see more).

We returned towards Boudicca, expecting to see southbound MS Lofoten

docking next to us. Our plan had been to take our 'Lofoten mugs' over

to the ship for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and visit our friend

who was sailing on Lofoten.

Watching from the aft deck of Boudicca I took these photographs of MS

Lofoten's arrival. Two people stood on the quay looking towards us. I

waved because it was too late to go ashore again. Was this our friend?

I'll not find out until we chat on our return home.

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