Sunday, 17 February 2013

Alta Sunday

We sailed towards Alta in darkness this morning and docked, unusually

not at the pier beside the airport. The passengers going on excursions

joined the waiting buses and left for a variety of destinations.

After making plans to have some post delivered- ready for our March

visit and meeting with the dog sled team, we chatted with the guides

about the various languages spoken in this part of the world.

Being Sunday, there are no shops open in Alta although several of us

headed towards the town centre on the shuttle buses to have a look

round. I wanted to take photographs to compare with the ones taken

during our 2 visits in 2012.

After a quick lunch, knowing that we're going on an excursion tomorrow,

I wanted to take a few photographs from Boudicca's decks. We had some

surprise visitors- 4 sea otters. Bold Mr Otter decided to come and

investigate us so a few passengers on the aft deck enjoyed his swimming


The light is as good as I've seen it in Alta so we're hoping for a

spectacular sunset and, hopefully, an aurora.

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