Thursday, 31 January 2013

Countdown- 7 days, live post test

One of the highlights of our winter travels is going to Alta where we'll meet up with one of the dog sled teams.    You'll only get live posts if we make sure they're working,  you may recall that it didn't work on the last part of our 2012 tour?

So here it is,  a live post from the laptop with a photograph from Alta in 2012.

We don't have access to edit the live posts so,  if there are any errors,  please forgive!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Countdown- 8 days

Weather permitting,  8 days to departure.   Watching the forecast it looks like we might have to leave earlier,  snow on the way again next week with low temperatures.

Still waiting on the main tickets for both ships and then first stop Molde
(photo from 03 April 2012)

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Well it's the start of countdown.  11 days to go before our house-sitters arrive and 12 days until we catch the southbound Caledonian Sleeper.   Of course,  with the current weather,  we'll have to watch the forecast very carefully and can move everything forward if needed.

All we need now is some sachets of hot chocolate and the tickets!

Friday, 11 January 2013


The selection of excursions available this year is slightly different from 2012,  a good sign when some of the passengers have done the same cruise before.

While sometimes more expensive than what is available locally,  booking through the ship means they are responsible for getting us back on to the ship if the tour is running late.   It also means that if weather delays our arrival in port,  our excursions are refunded.

This year we've booked more excursions than we did in 2012.   With 3 of us travelling on one of the winter cruises,  sometimes only 2 of us will go on an excursion and some of the excursions involve winter sports but only 1 of us has travel insurance that covers this.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Photography and batteries

One of the biggest challenges of going north into the Arctic is getting sufficient power to run the cameras in the extreme cold.  I'm always surprised by how quickly the batteries drain in the cold.

This year I'm taking 2 thin external power packs that will be able to power the video cameras without draining their internal batteries.   The power packs can then be charged overnight (or during the day if we're hunting the aurora) in the cabin.

We're always advised not to have electronic appliances plugged into the ships' electricity supply while we're not in the cabin in case they overheat or cause a fire,  something to be taken very seriously !

On the countdown to sailing,  the power packs are already being charged up and will only need a small boost before we leave.