Friday, 26 October 2012

Borealis Vinterfestival

Sculpting ice in Alta 1/2Our visit to Alta on MV Discovery will coincide with the Borealis Vinterfestival (winter festival).   In 2012 we saw the ice being carved during our first visit and then the carvings melting away during our second visit.   We look forward to being there while the 2013 festival is in progress.

Rumour suggests that MS Marco Polo will also be in port ?

The preparations for the Finnmarksløpet,  Europe's most northerly sled dog race,  will see the teams and dogs in Alta during our stay.   Organised by the Alta Mushing Association,  the teams of dogs enter into the 500km or 1000km race.

We plan to meet up with one of the dog sled teams providing weather and time allow.   We can't interrupt the preparations;  can we?

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Totally Scotland said...

and I've just looked at the webcam in Alta. The winter snow has arrived.