Sunday, 21 October 2012

Addition to 2013 itinerary

We're probably adding another cruise to the 2013 itinerary...

This is MV Discovery on her first cruise after being chartered by Cruise & Maritime.    Sailing from Bristol in February 2013. 

I've put the ports of call into the 2013 page.

< MV Discovery in Oban,  June 2010.

This time we're being joined by other family members and so are going through the initial planning stage again.
  • Passport-  making sure all the passports are in date now and for 6 months after our return.
  • EHIC card-  all family members are applying for new (or renewed) cards to ensure emergency health care is covered
  • Travel insurance- making sure that all family members have adequate travel insurance,  declare all existing health conditions and add cover for winter sports if they want to go on the husky rides etc.
  • Clothing-  February might seem a long time away but now is the time to buy clothing suitable for the Arctic.   Layers of clothes with the top layer being water & wind proof.   Thermal underwear is a good idea and gloves and hats being essential.   Ice grips for boots are important for the ground conditions.   Sunglasses are essential for the light reflected by the ice and snow.
  • Camera-  a good camera,  plenty of storage space and lots of charged batteries.   The batteries don't last so long in the Arctic cold.
  • Norwegian Kroner-   We'll watch the exchange rate over the next few weeks and will probably buy our Kroner for the whole year and the whole family in one transaction.
  • Health-  A 'flu jab is a good idea unless advised otherwise by a Doctor.   We're going to be on a ship with lots of other passengers from all over the country in the 'flu season.
... more later as we go through the planning stages.

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