Thursday, 30 August 2012


There were 4 cruise ships in Bergen today and another arriving later.  (Thomson Spirit,  AidaLuna, Brilliance of the Seas, Balmoral and of course Ocean Countess).

Ocean Countess appeared small between the AidaLuna and Brilliance of the Seas and I'm so pleased to be on Ocean Countess and not one of the floating towns.

We caught up with friends and colleagues and also seemed to act as informal guides for some of the many cruise ship passengers.

... and then we sailed from Bergen,  our last day in Norway for 2012.   (see the video below)

Somehow sad,  but in lots of ways we're looking forward to a rest and some time at home.  (sorry House sitters-  no more vacancies in 2012)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Departing Åndalsnes

Timelapse video


Åndalsnes and,  again,  a beautiful sunny day.

It's amazing how passengers (including ourselves) are found in the nearest cafe

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Our arrival in Olden was to rain clouds and drizzle.   It cleared very soon and we decided,  once again,  to explore the local community.

The excursions looked very interesting and we couldn't join at this late stage.

It appeared to be very much a farming community (when climate allows?) with a centre of shops and cafe.

Monday, 27 August 2012


Skjolden is a rather interesting small community that was bathed in sunshine during our visit.

Some passengers went on excursions while a few of us chose to explore the local community.

Farming on small holdings

View out towards the fjord.

Older houses.

Sogn og Fjordane and Lustrafjorden

Skjolden was a new port for us.   Although cold,  the weather was good and we enjoyed our sail in Sognefjorden towards Skjolden.

We sailed past Lavik and the Fjord1 ferries that sail across from Oppedal.   You may remember we made this crossing earlier in the year on a service bus.

Below you'll find the time lapse video of the cruise in Sogn og Fordane and Lustrafjorden

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Schedule :: North Sea

Crossing the North Sea (7th time this year) and time to sort out the photographs/video from Hull.  Also need to re-charge the batteries.   There is a possibility that we'll still be getting thunder and lightning depending on the route we take and whether last Wednesday's weather forecast was right.

It'll be nice to spend time getting to know some of the other passengers.  I must sort out the excursions too

Saturday, 25 August 2012


We weren't due to join the Ocean Countess until afternoon and didn't have to check out of the hotel until 12md.   This allowed us a brief visit to the Hull museum trawler 'Arctic Corsair'

With a forecast of thunder and lightning,  it waited until we were leaving the hotel to join the ship and there was an enormous clap of thunder.   Fortunately the weather then behaved itself and the sailing from the Humber was good.

The video of our departure turned out to be dreadful (but it was the first attempt with the new camera system) so there are no pictures at all for today.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Edinburgh to Hull

As usual for a departure from Hull,  we took the East Coast train via Doncaster.    First class train tickets as usual because they are more economic than second class when we can book 3 months in advance.

A quick visit to the shops was required when we realised we didn't have enough cash for taxis when we returned to Edinburgh.

A lovely sunny afternoon,  we also went down to the marina where the 'Spurn Lightship' was open for visitors.

It was bank holiday weekend and our planned visit to The Deep was delayed until the last hour when most of the people had gone home.  

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Travelling to Edinburgh

It was an early start for travelling to meet the Ocean Countess in Hull.  After an evening meal of Cheese on Toast (that didn't look too happy) we were packed and ready to go.

A lovely drive over to Edinburgh on relatively quiet roads,  we stopped at the Green Welly and arrived in the early afternoon.   There were cruise ships moored at Rosyth,   it would have been nice if it had been the Ocean Countess but she was still on the high seas somewhere.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ready to leave

MV Ocean Countess

  • packing complete
  • train schedules checked
  • house cleaned
  • house sitters arrival imminent
The weather forecast for the next few days is thunder and lightning so there will probably be a delay in starting the live posts, with photographs, until we're clear of the thunder storms. The automated posts with our itinerary will still appear.

Norwegian Fjords,   see you early next week.

Visits = 4, February to August.
Ships = 4
Norwegian ferries = 3
Norwegian buses = 2
Norwegian trains = 3 day & 1 night sleeper
Norwegian hotels = 7
UK trains = 10 day & 3 night sleeper
UK hotels = 5

Monday, 13 August 2012

Last 2012 cruise

This next visit to Norway will be our last for 2012,  as far as we know.    Once we've edited the photos and video from August,  then I'll start giving the detailed reports that I've been promising.

The connection we use for the short blog posts with small photographs is very cost effective with wide coverage in Norway.   It would, however, cost too much to upload the larger versions of the photographs or any video while we're travelling.

Starting to think of packing the clothes.   The luggage will be much lighter this time because we're not going into the Arctic region nor do I needing to take any formal evening dress.   So it's a few layers of light clothing and waterproofs.

House sitters organised.

Countdown continues.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Ship paperwork

Received all the paperwork for the next cruise.   Question is whether to book excursions in advance or not.   There are a couple of trips I'd really like to do and sometimes they're all sold out by the time the ship sails.