Friday, 22 June 2012

Norway part IV- train tickets

Marco Polo- Bergen view
The pre-cruise hotel for Norway part IV was booked ages ago but it wasn't possible to buy the return part of the train tickets until now.

Because the York to Edinburgh train was delayed after the last cruise, East Coast refunded the cost of the journey in vouchers. The vouchers can't be used online so it made sense to book the complete 1st class return journey online at the good price and retain the vouchers for use in 2013 (they are valid for 12 months).

I've really got to keep saying how good the first class service is on the East Coast trains. This time the fare was almost the same as booking second class and, with free meal/sandwiches and coffee included, is better value.

Still a couple of months to go but starting to get organised again for this last cruise of the year (as far as I know).

(photo from Marco Polo in Bergen,  April 2012)

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