Friday, 13 April 2012

Tolga, real Norway

Our guest house,  Malmplassen Gjestgård,  also has a restaurant and meeting rooms.    Our unexpected meeting with Sven was because he was attending a meeting being held here.    It seems to be a hub for the local community with more meetings being held today.
The community appears to be thriving with the 'Coop' on the other side of the bridge and a cafe at the garage around the corner.
My hands have been freezing when taking photographs and we found a local craft shop where I bought fingerless woollen gloves from a lovely lady.   Interestingly,  another lady who was in the shop told us that if we wanted to eat,  that we'd get a good meal in Malmplassen Gjestgård.
There are groups of historic buildings and many are actually lived in while others appear to be undergoing renovations.   The farms are in use with both old and new wooden buildings to house the animals.   The white church stands guard at the top of the hill.  The last photograph that I've included is the railway station where we arrived yesterday and will depart tomorrow.
The sun is shining and the temperature outside is now 1.5 degrees C but feels much warmer.   With the snow obviously melting,  I suspect that the temperature is really much higher.

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