Sunday, 15 April 2012

Taking the train from Tolga

There was no hurry to get  to the train yesterday,  we were catching the same train as we had arrived on 2 days earlier.    Packed up and ready to leave at midday,   we telephoned for a taxi only to find there were none available.    Our hosts at Malmplassen Gjestgård offered to run us the 500m to the train station.
We sat on the platform waiting for the train to arrive,  it was warm and sunny and we were soon joined by a party of French people.
The guard on the train was very helpful,  suggesting that we take better seats so we could see the scenery.    They are also very helpful by making the announcements in English as well as Norwegian when we approach the station where we're to leave the train.   On each train,  discovering that we're visitors,  the guard has made a point of coming to talk to us about our journey.

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