Sunday, 15 April 2012


First stop on arrival at Hamar was to speak to the guards at the railway station and find out about the bus that was replacing the train on the next part of the journey.    It turned out that our train was not to be affected,  good news!
Arriving in Hamar was like arriving in the Med.   It was hot,  the streets are wide.   The main difference is that everywhere was closed or closing (it was 16:00 hours) and this is Norway.   Someone directed us to a cafe where we could get a snack to keep us going until we reached out destination of Gjøvik.
We then went down to the shoreline of Lake Mjösa where the locals were enjoying the sun.   They have very unusual chimes (see the photo) that play on the hour;  one of the other photographs is the Nestle factory with tower.
Soon it was time to return to the railway station,  reclaim our luggage from the lockers and wait for our train to Moelv.  We were met at Moelv by a friend (who had thought we'd be arriving on the bus) and enjoyed a very nice meal together before retiring to the local youth hostel.

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