Monday, 2 April 2012

Bergen and Hurtigruten

Decisions,  decisions...  again
There are a few things to do this morning to prepare for the rest of our trip.    We've got to visit Fjord Tours (just across the street and I'm going to look and see if their lights are on yet),   the railway station and the shopping centre.    After that we can return to our hotel room to check out and put our luggage in storage until it is time to leave for the Hurtigruten terminal.
The ground is white with a covering of snow and there have been some heavy flakes falling this morning.   Do we head up the funicular this morning or wait until lunchtime and watch MS Finnmarken arriving?   Would we see Finnmarken arriving?
'Himself' wants to visit the tourist office to find out what bus will take us to the fisheries museum for our next visit.
No photographs this morning,  the batteries have all been on charge overnight.

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