Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Arriving in Oslo

Fortunately,  our train didn't leave until late morning.   The guards/conductors were,  as usual,  bright and cheery as they helped us to find the unmarked seats that we'd reserved.   The scenery was different from our last 3 train journeys as we headed south and were joined by a group of school children as we approached Oslo.   Seems we're destined to find ourselves surrounded by groups of children and they are so well behaved!
We headed out to see the opera house because we didn't find time to visit it 2 years ago.   The cafe sold hot chocolate but we weren't paying that price and so headed back into town.   This took us through a part of Oslo I'd never seen before,   a fight broke out in broad daylight,  there were some rather strange characters about.   Definitely not the part of town we wanted to be in.
After a late lunch (or early supper ?) we're back in our hotel and studying the map and Oslo Pass information to work out our activities for tomorrow.   What have we not seen before?  where can we reach by public transport? and what is the weather forecast?  (it says snow).
The hotel is big and impersonal although the staff appear friendly and helpful.   There are no afternoon waffles,  there is no constant supply of coffee and/or hot chocolate and I don't expect to find soup served in the evening either.   There is no comfortable lounge but it is near the railway station.   Sometimes you just have to compromise a couple of nights for convenience.
... more tomorrow,  what, depends on the weather though.  I hear a rather loud snoring noise from behind me and think I may soon be doing the same.

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