Friday, 30 March 2012

Mo to Lavik

I'd hoped to get lots of photographs and video on this bus trip. The bus was busy, although not full, but it was impossible to get a window seat. Do you know? it was actually nice to just sit and enjoy the scenery as we passed through the mountains and across the fjords to reach Lavik.
We caught the bus where we had been dropped off 2 days earlier, at Romarheim on the E39.

The buses are very comfortable and the speed limits allow for a comfortable journey. There were many students among the sleeping passengers on this NOR-WAY Bussekspress from Bergen to Ålesund. The Fjordeskpressen had left Bergen at 08:00 and would arrive in Ålesund at 17:15.
We reached Oppedal at where we joined the Fjord1 ferry to Lavik, our destination. (photograph of ferries in Lavik)

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