Friday, 16 March 2012

Genuine hospitality

The hospitality we've been shown on this trip so far is astounding. Friendly, genuine, people offering help and advice away in advance of anything required by their company policies.
From the steward on the train who remained smiling even though his shift was being extended by 90 minutes because the train was late through to Darren, who waited 2 hours for our arrival. The man who was waiting beside the train to help us move our luggage to the taxi and helpfully spoke to Darren on our mobile phone to tell him where to collect us.

The receptionists at the Premier Inn East Thurrock (photo) who got our room ready early, stored our luggage and arranged coffee while we waited and then were extremely helpful with all sorts of useful local information.

As I say, this was genuine and natural, not people working from a company script. I can only say I am very impressed !

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Anonymous said...

Looks as tho' you had great time. How did you manage to get from home to the station you left from.............. oh yes a chauffeur!!!