Sunday, 22 January 2012

Working on the line

Another complete change of direction,  literally.    The original itinerary was designed to avoid Easter when transport may not necessarily running to a normal schedule.

The dates for the NSB Sove sleeper train from Bergen to Oslo are marked as 'fully booked' and further investigation shows works on the railway line.   This means it is not possible to reach all the intended destinations.

Complete change of plan (number ?) and doing a land tour of the southern coast is no longer feasible because we'd not be able to spend long enough in any one place to do it justice.

Today I'm looking at leaving the Hurtigruten in Trondheim and taking the train down to Dombås,  Lillehammer and on to Oslo.  This means we arrive in Oslo a day earlier than originally planned.
A visit to Gjøvik is a distinct possibility (related to fishing) and we could perhaps add a stop at Finse on the way back to Bergen?   Bergen is our departure port from this particular sector of the Norwegian tour.

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