Friday, 16 December 2011


In between the thunder storms of the last few days,  I've been able to do much more of the scheduling so we can arrange to meet friends and relatives as we travel around Norway.

The itinerary is almost finished apart from the transport tickets that haven't been made available yet.   I've taken the times from the timetables but will continue to watch for alterations right up until and during the trip.

7 of the 9 hotel stays can be cancelled up until the evening before our stay. This means if any of our planned transport are cancelled or delayed,  we'll be able to change our plans without incurring costs.   The early booking price of the other 2 hotels made it worthwhile to take the risk.

Our house sitters are talking to each other to make sure there is someone 'at home' throughout our trip which is good news after last year's burst pipes.

I'll update the itinerary this afternoon.

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