Saturday, 26 November 2011

Trondheim or Bergen?

It's possible to disembark from the southbound Hurtigruten in Trondheim instead of continuing down to Bergen.

As the itinerary stands at the moment,  we're visiting Bergen 4 times because it is the common hub for the places we want to visit.

If we disembark in Trondheim,  it would allow us to take the sleeper train to Oslo and free another 2 days into our schedule for doing other exciting things.   Perhaps we could stop at Dombas?  or Lillehammer?

Will it add on a lot of extra cost?  or will it actually make a saving?

I had originally thought of leaving our 'arctic' clothing in Bergen rather than carry it on the Fjord and Southern trips.   Something else to consider.

So, more decisions to take... watch this space again.

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