Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Planning a trip is half the fun,  particularly during winter when it gives something to look forward to.

I suppose we're fortunate in having several contacts within Norway who have local information on bus services and the best transit ports for ferries.

The second part of the journey is already booked;  sailing on the Marco Polo to view the Northern Lights over Arctic Norway visiting several ports along the way.   There is always a risk of missing ports while sailing the Norwegian coast during winter because of bad weather and winter will still be very evident.  Having said that,  it is well worth the risk because the scenery is beautiful and daylight has returned.

Planning the third and fifth parts of the trip is more difficult.   In which order to we visit the southern towns and the fjords?   I think it is all going to revolve around the fact that the third part will be over a weekend and some of the ferries and buses don't run.   I'd like to avoid backtracking as much as possible because it is such a waste of valuable time (and money).

The Caledonian Sleeper train between Fort William and London is part one and probably the last part that I'll book.   It only goes on sale 3 months in advance and I'll also want to watch for any proposed disruption because of track repairs.

Part 4 is the Hurtigruten coastal voyage.  Which ship?  exactly which dates?  Do we complete the voyage or do we hop off the ship at one or more ports (port-to-port).  I'm just waiting now on the replies to some questions.

Part 6 is getting home on Marco Polo and again,  I'm just waiting on the information to allow me to make the reservation.   None of the other parts can be booked and confirmed until we definitely know how to get home.

... but the sun is shining outside and I don't want to spend any more time indoors.   Planning can wait.  Where is the camera?

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Totally Scotland said...

Yes, this does seem to be a strange order but there is sense behind it