Saturday, 26 November 2011

Deposit paid

We paid the deposit on the return sailing from Norway on Thursday.   Now we're just waiting on the booking numbers from Cruise and Maritime via our travel agent.

If you've been watching the itinerary,  I managed to muddle up the years and so the days were all wrong.  Once I recognised this and made the corrections,   some of the travel arrangements changed from the weekend to a weekday and became possible.   In addition,  'missing days' reappeared and it looks like we'll also managed a sailing into Sognefjord.

This is something I could leave until we're actually in Bergen and see what the weather is like.   I'm hoping for a beautiful spring like the one we had in 2012 however,  if the weather is particularly damp,  there are lovely museums to visit in Bergen.

Easter now falls when the Hurtigruten ship is sailing in the far north so we'll not only enjoy the comfort of the ship,  there are no longer issues with travel arrangements at Easter.

Plans for our house-sitters are well underway, I'm told holidays are being requested!

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