Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fingal of Caledonia 2011

Last week saw me sailing down the Caledonian Canal and the lochs of the Great Glen on the activity barge 'Fingal of Caledonia'. The theme for the week was new, 'Highland Hill walks', with several Munros and Corbetts being climbed as well as some more leisurely walks along the tow path for those not wanting to climb.

barge reflections 1/2Departing Inverness 1/4Departing Inverness 2/4Departing Inverness 3/4Departing Inverness 4/4Inverness canal lampost
Caledonian Canal cruiseCanal greeneryLampost and skyKessock Bridge and canal locksCaledonian Canal cruiseCaledonian Canal cruise
Caledonian Canal cruiseCaledonian Canal cruisePylonsCanal trip boatCaledonian Canal cruiseCattle by canal
Caledonian Canal cruiseOther barges 1/2Other barges 2/2Caledonian Canal cruiseWatch your speedCaledonian Canal cruise
My emphasis was on photographing the canal and lochs from the barge so I stayed on board throughout the cruise.

The weather forecast was bad-  weather warnings about the remnants of Hurricane Katia but we never really encountered it apart from the rain.   Decisions were made about activities and overnight stops based on the forecast.  The crew and passengers sat down and planned after dinner for the next day's itinerary.

Food was good-  I'm not sure we ever managed to finish all that was put on the table and again, meals were adapted with the flexibility that the skipper and crew excelled in.

The cabins were comfortable with quite a bit of storage space and smashing showers in the en-suites.  Wet clothes were put in the drying room so the cabins stayed nice and dry.

Next time I want to sail north, perhaps in springtime,  because I'm sure the scenery will look very different from the other direction at a different time of year.  It is certainly very different from the view from the road.

I had no idea that I could share a set of pix like this-  makes posting much easier and I'll know in future when uploading them.  Video to follow

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