Thursday, 25 March 2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Hebridean Princess

Hebridean Princess
a blurred, rainy, misty photograph of the Hebridean Princess at Salen on Loch Sunart today.

The first of her visits to the loch in 2010. She certainly looks much better with her hull painted dark again.
Day 83. Hebridean Princess

Monday, 22 March 2010

Snowdrop closeup

Snowdrop closeup
I think I should take several more of these photographs because the flowers are really good this year.

Perhaps just after a rainshower and there are a few of them forecast for this week.

There hasn't been very much new to take photographs of this last few days. Add that to the variable broadband speeds that we've been experiencing and the result is a lack of posts. Sorry!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Yellow crocus (top)

Yellow crocus (top)
The flowers are opening and spring is definitely here.
Purple crocus
Crocus bunch

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Alert crow

Alert crow
This crow had been happily sitting on the rail on Oban's North Pier until it heard something... US !

where did the noise come from, what was that noise? I could imagine what it was thinking but we were sitting in the car and it couldn't figure out where we were

... so it flew away and the next photo was just the railing

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Loch Glascarnoch

Loch Glascarnoch 1/3
Another hydrodam, this time on Loch Glascarnoch on Wednesday.

Look how low the water is here. The ice, although melting where the water is flowing, was really thick and solid. There is still snow on the hills but some snow has already melted and it is difficult to see how there is sufficient to fill the loch up to normal winter level.

Perhaps the rains will start soon.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Corran lighthouse

Corran lighthouse
Lit up by the late afternoon sunlight shining through the clouds.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Loch Quoich hydrodam

Loch Quoich hydrodam 6/6
The winter sun continued to shine on Tuesday and we ventured into Glen Garry.

This is the hydrodam on Loch Quoich, part of the Glen Garry hydroelectric scheme.

The water level was well below normal because the water was frozen into the surrounding hills as snow and ice. When the warmer weather arrives, the snow will melt and the loch will fill.
Loch Quoich hydrodam overspill
The hills were covered in snow and the few cars we met stopped at the dam after which we started to encounter snow that had obviously drifted after the snow plough had left. This wasn't a problem for a 4x4 but might have become a problem for cars with low ground clearance or drivers who weren't used to snow covered roads.
Loch Quoich hydrodam
Loch Quoich hydrodam

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ardnamurchan Lighthouse

Ardnamurchan Lighthouse
There are many, many photographs of Ardnamurchan lighthouse on the internet. Situated at the most westerly point of the Scottish (and UK) mainland it attracts a lot of visitors.

The winter sunshine attracted a few of the locals on Monday.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Camas nan Gael

Camas nan Gael
on Loch Sunart,  next to the deserted village of Bourblaige.

I can see why people lived here, although remote, it has good access to the sea and a flat area on the shoreline where it would have been possible to grow crops.

Sheep still graze the steep hillside.

Bourblaige Deserted Village