Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Lull in posting

Why no recent posting?

Well I bought a slide/negative scanner and have been sitting at the coal fire and scanning lots of interesting images to display here over the coming months.

Not all the images were taken by me but I now own them so I'll be looking for help in identifying their location. Perhaps 2 or 3 images per day over the winter months and I'll be grateful for your help.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Rannoch Moor

Rannoch Moor 1/2
On the way across Rannoch Moor I started to experiment with quick shutter releases on the camera.

This photograph was taken while the car was travelling.

Port Glasgow tugs

Port Glasgow tugs

Calmac ferries

Coruisk and Ali Cat were moored at Port Glasgow.

Greenock container terminal

Greenock container terminal
as seen from Garvel Point

Greenock dry dock

Greenock dry dock
obviously unused, I wonder if it is still at a stage where the gate could be replaced and, with a bit of refurbishment, it could be brought back into use?

Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express
where we stayed (our usual stop in Inverclyde)


Cruiser, Greenock
Charter boat 'Cruiser' was sitting in Greenock.

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland
and these OYT yachts were also berthed in Greenock

Big Man Walking

Big Man Walking 5/18
The whole purpose of this visit to Inverclyde was to see and photograph 'Big Man Walking'.

I love the expression on his face and the way he looks at everyone.

Click on the photograph to link through to the complete set.

Weather deteriorates

weather deteriorates
By the next morning the weather had deteriorated from lovely sunsets to gales and rain.

I didn't even get out of the car to get this shot

Port Glasgow at night

Port Glasgow
I experimented with taking photographs of the fireworks out of the hotel window.

I'm not sure which lights (if any) were actually the fireworks against all the lights from the town. There could be repetition because the photograph was taken through double glazing ? Any comments on this would be welcome

Gourock ferries

Gourock ferries
and this small passenger ferry was silhouetted in the sunset.

(anyone name the ferry please?)

Sound of Sanda

Sound of Sanda
further along the coast the Sound of Sanda was moored at the pier

Cloch sunset

Cloch sunset 2/3
and also stopped at Cloch to take photos of the sunset.

Unfortunately the photographs didn't really do the light justice


Arrochar 1/2
We stopped briefly at Arrochar because the water was so still.