Sunday, 25 October 2009

Surveying Loch Linnhe

Heron surveying
I never spotted this heron- but since I was driving, perhaps that means I was actually paying attention to where I was going.

Fortunately, my passenger did see the bird and I stopped to take a few photographs. It was quite difficult to get a clear shot, even with the camera at it's maximum zoom.

Here is the the best of them, still not particularly brilliant, but I thought it was worth posting anyway.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Hebridean Princess and ferry

Hebridean Princess and MV Corran
with the relief Corran ferry Maid of Glencoul at the Corran narrows.

Hebridean Princess at Corran

Hebridean Princess (Corran)
and sailing at considerable speed.

I wonder if the tide was helping her along?

Hebridean Princess tender

Hebridean Princess tender
a close up of the tender. These small boats are carried on the bow of the cruise ship and lifted off by crane when needed.

Hebridean Princess (bow)

Hebridean Princess bow
another view from the College.

Hebridean Princess

Hebridean Princess at Fort William
was anchored at Fort William this morning and passengers were being taken ashore at the Crannog pier by the ship's own tenders.

(none of this batch of photographs were level and I have no idea why. Was levelling with something on the ship? It got to the point that I checked the camera but it seemed OK)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Iona beach sunlight

Iona beach sunlight
it is hard to imagine this is October!

Loch Buie

Loch Buie at Iona
the Calmac ferry from Mull to Iona sitting at the jetty on Iona

Iona Abbey

Iona Abbey 1/3
there seems to be less scaffolding since the last time I saw the abbey.

Perhaps they are nearing completion of the work?

Stone at Fionnphort

Stone at Fionnphort
This stone on the beach at Fionnphort (Isle of Mull) fascinates me.

How did it get there? how long has it been there? why has it split in 2? It just balances so well among the other smaller rocks.

Leaving Lochaline

Leaving Lochaline
on the Calmac ferry 'Loch Fyne'

It was far too nice a day to stay at home, perhaps the last really nice day we'll have before winter arrives?

Swirling cloud

Swirling cloud
I didn't capture this very well- but am posting it anyway because you can clearly see the cloud has been swirling down one side of the glen and is then forced back up the other side.

Sexton beetle

Sexton beetle 2/4
I was really not sure about posting this photograph when I saw all the mites it was carrying- they weren't visible in the camera viewfinder.

Anyway, after some research, I discover that the beetle and mites appear to live together normally.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Moonlight in the Minch

Moonlight in the Minch
looking back on deck 5 of Calmac ferry Isle of Lewis as we approached Stornoway.

Ullapool clock

Ullapool clock
a totally different view from the last time- this time from the deck of Calmac ferry Isle of Lewis.

Sunset in the Minch

Sunset in the Minch 2/4
Looking forward on deck 5 of Calmac ferry Isle of Lewis towards Stornoway.

Isle of Lewis

Isle of Lewis 1/3
Looking forward on deck 6 of the Calmac Ullapool to Stornoway ferry.

Ullapool ferry terminal

Ullapool ferry terminal
seen from deck 6 of Calmac ferry Isle of Lewis before departing for evening sailing to Stornoway.

Truck loading

Isle of Lewis loading trucks 1/2
on to Calmac ferry Isle of Lewis in Ullapool for evening sailing to Stornoway.

Ullapool from Calmac Ferry

Ullapool from Calmac Ferry
overlooking the stern of Isle of Lewis with vehicle loading ramp and the town.


unusual view from the Calmac ferry Isle of Lewis departing for Stornoway.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Stornoway harbour

Stornoway harbour
and all too soon it was time to leave again.

This photograph was taken from Calmac ferry MV Isle of Lewis and looks back at Stornoway with MV Muirneag.

Stornoway wall

Stornoway wall 1/5
I've taken several close ups of the two walls (what do you call them? 3D murals?)

Click on the photo to take you to the close ups.

Herring girl

Herring girl (1) 2/3
there are 2 of these herring girl statues in Stornoway (perhaps more but I didn't find them).

Inquisitive grey seal

Grey seal 2/4
I'm not sure if he was wanting his photograph taken or was looking for food.

Probably the latter because we were beside the fish market.

Stornoway- Lews Castle

Stornoway inner harbour
Again, this photograph was taken from the pier but, I think, further round.

Lews Castle sits looking over the inner harbour and 2 aircraft had kindly flown overhead drawing the St Andrews cross!

Stornoway inner harbour

Stornoway inner harbour
I took this photograph while sitting on the pier near to the fish market.

Despite it being the last day in September, the sun was shining and it was a very nice day.

Lews Castle

Lews Castle
in Stornoway (not to be confused with Lews Castle College).

Awaiting restoration, the castle is currently closed to the public but the grounds are open.

Royal Hotel, Stornoway

Royal Hotel Stornoway
where we stayed for a couple of nights.

The menu was extensive and food excellent so I guess we'll be back.

Stornoway lifeboat

Stornoway lifeboat
RNLB Tom Sanderson moored in Stornoway.

The news suggested she was out the night before I took this photograph but I never heard a sound.