Tuesday, 22 September 2009

3 Ronjas

3 Ronjas 4/4

and also lined up at Oban's North Pier were three Alesund registered fish carriers.

Ronja Commander to the inside, Ronja Pioneer and then Ronja Skye to the outside.

3 Ronjas 3/4

Leader (Tall ship)

Sailing ship- Leader 2/5
The Tall Ship Leader was moored at the North pier in Oban.

Dating from the 1890s this ship looked in very good condition.

Sign in Perth

Sign in Perth
I couldn't resist taking a photograph of this sign in a building in Perth.

Presumably the word is diet but from where I was sitting it didn't look like it.

Stanley Mills workers

Stanley Mills 1/18
The screens display the tasks performed by the mill workers while audio presentations tell their stories.

Stanley Mills

Stanley Mills 7/18
I paid a visit to Stanley Mills in Perthshire where they have a good presentation about the history of the mill.

An interesting display where they show how things were with lights when the original parts are missing.

Accessibility is excellent with lifts to all floors although the doors are rather heavy.

Perth from B&B

Perth from B&B

Have I been absent for a while? Well apart from a few days in Perth, no I've been around but not posting. The photographs have not been great.

Anyway, this is the view from the bedroom at Taythorpe B&B in Isla Road, Perth. I couldn't have chosen better- friendly, comfortable & easily accessible.

There was a slight mist still lingering on the morning I took this photo.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

NLB ships in Oban

NLB ships in Oban 1/4
An unusual sight with NLV Pharos and NLV Pole Star both tied up at the lighthouse pier in Oban.

NLB ships in Oban 1/4
This difference in size between NLV Pharos (3672 GT) and NLV Pole Star (1174 GT) is very visible.

Delphin Voyager passenger launch

Passenger launch 1/4
bringing passengers ashore to the Oban Times slip.

Delphin Voyager

Delphin Voyager 1/4
visiting Oban.

As with all the larger cruise ships, she was anchored outside the bay.


with the narrow road hugging the steep cliff along the water's edge.