Sunday, 16 August 2009

Saga ships

Well, once again, I missed a Saga ship. This time Saga Ruby was in Portree yesterday but I decided against going to see her.

There are a lot of visitors around (which is great) but it does also mean journeys take longer and ferries are busier. The forecast was also bad and, not only that, but the weather also looked bad. Even if we had gone over to Skye, I doubt if I would have got very good photographs.

Then this morning I looked at the AiS and found she had sailed down through the Sound of Mull during the evening. This is something I didn't expect so once again missed her!

Saga Rose is in Kirkwall next week- the weather is looking good but it is a very long way to go to see her. Then again, I never have seen her. Watch this space.

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